Friday, March 10, 2017

Dorm Life

Hello there!

In this post, I'll be sharing photos of my dorm room and kitchen area, as well as an updated list of expenses.

I am located on the top floor of my building (third floor), and I have the room across from the kitchen. It is actually super convenient for that very reason. There are seven rooms on my floor, one of which is empty.

There is a laundry room in the building (that includes 3 washing machines and 3 dryers), where you access from outside: the door to the right of the main door.

Bedroom & Ensuite 

The room has a single bed, bedside drawers, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf

No frills bathroom. There is a medicine cabinet on the left, above the toilet.

There are plenty of outlets in the room.
There is a lot of storage in the room which is great!

There is room to have a visitor sleep on the floor, but takes some rearranging of the furniture in order to optimize the space of the room.

Kwinten: Hard at work, or hardly working?
Kwinten loves the reading material here!

Kwinten: getting ready for a night on the town.
Everything unpacked and set up!

What my room looks like after roughly 2 months o living in it:

I keep all my school things by the door (you can spot the drafting paper). The rust and yellow coloured vest is a piece from a project. The bookshelf holds my bags, more school related items, fabric and books/ magazines. The bulletin board holds a calendar and map as well as some notes. The bottom level is where I have put mu shoes.
There is usually a stack of library books on my bedside drawer. 

A croquis taped to the wall, some pattern paper and school related paper work. 

I bought a suction hook for my face cloth because there was no room on the hand towel hook. British people do not use face cloths. Also where I stash my cleaning supplies. 


A shared table. No one actually eats there. Its mostly used for studying when  my flat mates have others over.

2 refrigerators and 2 freezers. Everyone gets a shelf in the fridge and a drawer in the freezer.

There is plenty of cupboard space, which is great. The vacuum, ironing board and broom are in the cupboard to the left of the bin.
There are 2 ovens and 2 electric stove tops. 

In case you are wondering (or for those who are also embarking on a similar experience) here is a in-depth list of all the items I purchased to outfit the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen

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