Saturday, March 4, 2017

Balham Sewing Machine Museum

Today's adventure took me into Balham where there is a sewing machine museum!

You can find the museum here:

It's only open the first Saturday of every month, so you have to time your visit accordingly (open from 2-5pm)

I would also recommend a wander through the Sewing & Craft Superstore which is right next door.

Mon, Tues &Thurs 9am- 5:20pm
Wed 9:15am- 5:20pm
Fri 9am- 4:50pm 
Sat 10am-4:50pm

Here are some photos from the Sewing Machine Museum: 

Union Lock Machine, USA. Circa 1911

Union Special 39200, USA. Circa 1914

Willcox & Gibba, USA. Circa 1894. Production: Hand Stitch Straw Hats 

Merrow A-3-W, USA. Cira 1934. Production: Overlocking Rag Finish 

Lewis 29-4, USA. Circa 1952. Production: Carpet Stitcher

Tomas & Co. UK. Circa 1888. Production: Leather Shoes, Wallets and Bags

Singer 106-12, USA. Circa 1952. Production: 12 Needle Smocking

A left handed machine!

Grover & Baker Treadle Sewing Machine. Supposedly this is an unusual machine

Singer 46K3, UK. Circa 1916. Production: Glove Trade "Brosser"

Singer 49K1, UK. Circa 1927. Production: Crimping 

Portable fabric cutter!

Universal, USA. Circa 1906. Production: Fabric Cutting Machine

Judkins New England, USA. Circa 1865

Hand Sewing Machine

Pinking machine

Pollack & Schmidt, Germany. 1865

Singer 8-8, USA. Circa 1952. Production: Heavy Webbing 2 Needle

Harrison, UK. Circa 1914. Production: Tubular Kitting Machine

There are so many sewing machines in this museum! There is practically a machine for every need!

Fun Facts:

This is the biggest privately owned collection of sewing machines.

The Museum Supplied all the London All Saints with the sewing machines for their windows.

The machinists who work with these machines teach actors on shows such as Downton Abby how to sew correctly so it looks authentic.

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