Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Beginning

Hi all,

This is Chelsey documenting my experience on an international exchange. But first, let me set the scene for you:

I am currently enrolled in KPU's Fashion Design & Technology program, and in my third year! It has been a smash the past couple years. I am really enjoying life as a Fashion Design student where you are continuously being inspired by other's work and learning from one another. Spending time with like-minded individuals has never been easier in an environment that nurtures collaboration amid peers.  

Take a peek at my first year post to check out what it was all about!

I will be attending a school in England that features a world-renowned fashion design program: the University of the Creative Arts' Fashion program at the Epsom campus. I follow them on Instagram, and the work that the students produce is amazing! I can't wait to be in their ranks come next semester. 

Here is a glimpse into a day in my life as a Fashion Design Student at KPU: 

To get the day started, I get a hot chocolate from the Tim Hortons on campus. 

On today's schedule: Draping!
We are making twist tops. 
It's coming together....
Twist Top 2


After Lunch., paper patterns are made.
Or fabric patterns.

And a Prototype is sewn! 

When school work is accounted for, and you have a work-free day, it's time for exploration! On my days off I like to #explorebc and #beatouristinmycity. It is honestly the best way to find the quirks in the city which you live, because you know you never roam freely when there are things to do... 

Here are a couple photos from my recent travels around Vancouver. Which one is your favourite? 

An ~artsy~ photo taken at Grandville Island. Shout out to my father who made a cameo.
                I find beauty in the most mundane of things: a rusty railing. I like how you can see the layers of steel.Taken at Grandville Island.                               
Close ups are my thing! I like how bright colours are backed on grey and beige tones.
Taken at Grandville Island.
Yum! Macaroons. Taken at the Market on Grandville Island. 

Even on a rainy day: Vancouver has its own slice of paradise at the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. 
A blue and yellow macaw at the Bloedel Conservatory.

Pink lily flower at the Quarry Garden in Queen Elizabeth Park.
I am partial to the photo of the blue and yellow macaw. When I was there, it was cawing at another bird. (Honestly it sounded murderous!) 

After all the pretty pictures, let me tell you why I want to leave this beautiful city for England:
  • It is an experience of a lifetime studying fashion at a location that is a fashion capital 
  • England has been on my travel bucket list for ages
  • I will be forced into learning to be self sufficient and live on my own (it's a growing up experience) 
  • I get to expand my knowledge of technical skills 
  • Live life in another city, experience their culture and daily life

I can now start to prepare by doing endless hours of research for housing, cell phone plans, flights, banking what to see and do when I first arrive, etc, etc. Chatting with people who have gone on exchange (what they've done, how they did it, and advice) has helped me a lot, and I hope to be that resource for you if it's something you want to do.

Keep up with my adventure in the UK by following me here, as well as my Instagram @chelseystravels and Twitter @chelseystravels.

'Til next time!

x Chels x

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